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The Central Neighborhood

The Central Neighborhood is the first phase of residential construction. It covers approximately 47 acres and is characterized by narrow, tree-lined streets and traditional houses with front porches.

All of its 207 houses are single-family residences, 33 of which have ancillary units at the back of their lot. All lots face directly onto the streets, and most of them are given vehicular access through alleys. Six different types of houses make up the neighborhood. The architectural regulations for this neighborhood require that the houses be designed in one of three styles — Italianate, Victorian and Craftsman — characteristic of the Bay Area. The Central Neighborhood also includes a public park constructed around an existing wild pond.

• 47 acres, single-family zoning
• 217 single-family lots
• Lots from 3,000-5,500 sf
• Houses from 1,700-3,200 sf
• Granny flats encouraged on alley lots

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KTGY Group Architects

KTGY Group Architects

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