Town Green
The Historic Town Center

The Historic Town Center is the heart of the Waterfront District, offering a wide mix of uses and a variety of amenities accessible to the entire community. It consists mainly of three-story buildings, with some four- to five-story buildings housing residential/office uses above retail.

Development will include about 220 dwelling units (up to two-thirds of which will be live-work units), retail and office space, civic uses (perhaps a post office, a library, or even municipal facilities), one or two hotels, and a variety of restaurants and cafes.

The Historic Town Center will preserve and restore several historic structures, provide a network of public spaces that have access to views of the Bay - it will include a rail station and adjacent mixed-use development with structured and surface parking.

• 21 acres, mixed-use zoning
• 140-165 live-work units
• 35-50 apartments and/or condos
• 75,000-95,000 sf commercial space
• 30,000-60,000 sf civic space

Railroad Avenue

Corner Cafe

Aerial View


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