The Transit Village

The Transit Village, covering an area of about 22 acres, is located on the Bay and includes approximately 450 for-rent residences in a downtown neighborhood setting. The buildings will be three stories in height, and will include one- and two-bedroom apartments - some flats and some two-story town house units. Most ground floor units will face the narrow tree-lined streets with front porches or stoops, while upper floor units will be accessed from balconies at the rear. Parking for inland buildings will be located in garages and parking lots at the rear of the buildings, while parking for the Bayfront buildings will be in secured parking levels below the apartments.

Many of the apartments will have views of the Bay and of a restored Refugio Creek greenway, while others will face onto the narrow tree-lined streets or the central neighborhood green. The green will include quiet sitting areas as well as active play areas for children, and adjacent to the green will be a community recreation building and swimming pool. As an additional amenity for residents, two mixed-use buildings will be located at the corner of Bayfront Boulevard and John Muir Parkway, with ground floor management offices and convenient commercial services available within easy walking distance of all residents. A short five-minute walk from this corner are the planned Amtrak train station and the shops, restaurants, greens and plazas of the Historic Town Center.

• 16 acres, multi-family zoning
• 420-460 apartments
• Mixed-use center at corner

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